Cost Efficiency

  • Up to 85 percent shorter processing times
  • Less spray is required because hot melt coatings are solvent-free
  • One nozzle principle minimizes the spray loss
  • Controlled product movement improves yield and product quality
  • Unique filter design for long standing times
  • Reduced cleaning times
  • Fast spray solution preparation

… Hot Melt Coating … the smart way to handle your particles …

VENTILUS® processes a wide range of particle sizes
Specially suited for the coating of very fine powders.

What you get

Hot Melt Coating (HMC) is a smart solution for taste masking, moisture barriers or delayed API release

… using Amino acid

Raw amino acid
Raw amino acid
Granulated amino acid
Granulated amino acid
Coated amino acid
Coated amino acid

… using Lactobacillus

Raw lactobacillus
Raw lactobacillus
Granulated lactobacillus
Granulated lactobacillus
Coated lactobacillus
Coated lactobacillus
IHD hot melt device

IHD hot melt device

  • Heatable monobloc design
  • Concept for heating, dosing and feeding hot melt coatings
  • Integration of all functional components in one system
  • Pulsation-free dosing applies the coating abolutely evenly
  • Easy handling and cleaning
GMP Compliance

GMP compliance

  • Pharmaceutical grade cleaning validation
  • Fully visible
  • Suitable for swab testing
  • Hygienic design with no dead spaces
  • No risk of cross-contamination
VENTILUS® Processing Machine

VENTILUS® processing machine

  • Manages with a single spray nozzle
  • Easy temperature control and monitoring
  • Homogeneous flow conditions
  • Highly efficient filter cleaning
  • Reproducible coating quality


  • 85% shorter processing times
  • No solvent emissions
  • Coating agents made from renewable plant-based raw materials
  • No chemical additives
  • No need to heat the air in order to dry the product
  • Optimised energy efficiency

… Hot Melt … the green alternative to polymer coatings …


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Industry Partner

Together with Biogrund, Romaco Innojet develops HMC solutions

Romaco Siebler provides sachet packaging solutions


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